Is This Thing On? (+ *$ giveaway)

Hello out there…

Not positive about it, but considering writing a little again, and just want to see if there is anyone who would still even see this? Maybe you have it on your blog reader from long, long ago and it magically popped up that I posted something new. 🙂

Anyway, if you could help me out by commenting here, just that you have seen this and you are there, that would be super!

If you do that, and even make a suggestion about what you might like to see on here, I will make it worth your while by putting your name/email in a contest to win $5 to Starbucks. I mean, it is everything-pumpkin season now, so who wouldn’t love some Starbucks?!

Assuming I have any entries at all, I will choose a winner next Tuesday, 9/27/16 after noon central time (so we’ll call that the cutoff time).




22 thoughts on “Is This Thing On? (+ *$ giveaway)

  1. Carrie D'Isernia says:

    I love your blog and used to love your recipes! Seems like that was decades ago! I would love for you to post again. (But don’t include me in the Starbucks giveaway, just wanted to post!) 🙂


    • Kresta says:

      I have been lately, Adria. Took some headshots for some friends and their business last week and have broken it out a few times again since. Have set it up and then had Claire click the shutter for some shots of me for the blog, and she said “I like take pictures!” So, maybe I can teach her a little along the way as well! (thanks for commenting!)


  2. Stacy Hostler says:

    You’re my favorite storyteller of all time!… Hehe!!! There’s nothing like Kresta telling you all the details, her thoughts and what she thinks!! Love it and love you!! So proud of you too!! Can’t wait to read and see pictures!!


    • Kresta says:

      Stacy, this comment had me cracking up! You are so right…I give sooooo many details. I often build the story up so much, way too much, until the actual point I am trying to make is an absolute let-down. Lol! But that’s just me! You’re one of my very best cheerleader friends in all the world, and I love you dearly!!


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