Last week, I put a question out to you all as to whether you would like to see this blog back, whether it was something anyone would even read, whether it was something I should really consider doing again. I have made a decision…


I may not have a huge following (yet?), but I have decided that I am definitely going to start this blog up again!

If you got here from the old WordPress address, you may have noticed the change in URL (I’m so fancy – lol). I have also given the site a complete overhaul as far as the look and feel.

Most of the former posts are gone. I had very mixed feelings about that, as it was my heart poured out in those posts. But my life is 180 degrees different than it was when I blogged before; I felt like a fresh start, a clean slate, was the way to move forward.

While the old posts are gone, it is still me. You can still expect the same kinds of posts you  used to see — real life w/ candid and hopefully amusing commentary, plus hopefully much more. I did happen to save some of the recipes from the former blog; you can find them here, as well as any and all recipes I add to as we go.

Before I forget…if you have not commented on that post from the other day in which I asked your opinion of this blog, go NOW and do it. Seriously…I am waiting. No really, now is a very good time. You do like Starbucks right? I thought bringing Starbucks into it would finally convince you…

I will be choosing the winner of the Starbucks gift card tomorrow at noon Central time tomorrow, so make sure you have commented to enter by then.

Please feel free to look around and get comfy here…it’s good to be back!



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