The Truth About the Shoes

I saw this great quote on an Instagram feed I follow just after I posted about my shoes (the “booties”) the other day. I immediately tagged a girlfriend of mine because she and I had just had the most hilarious text convo about shoes!


It was so hilarious because of what I did not tell you about those great shoes the other day…





Seriously! I kind of have bigger ankles (yes, they’re called “cankles”). It is hereditary — you will see the same on my sister, my mom, her mom, my late great aunt, and my late great grandma. While my (“c”)ankles are likely my least favorite physical feature, I have come to accept them. However, these kinds of shoes are killer because they rub these cankles in all the wrong places!!

Hahaha! So my text discussion with my friend was hilarious because we discussed how we will absolutely endure huge amounts of pain to look good, specifically when it comes to our shoes…

She has bought numerous colors of the same pair of flats, even though they are horribly uncomfortable, because they are cute!

And I totally “feel her pain” (see what I did there?)! Here is a picture of all my shoes, lined up, that kill my feet:


And that’s only one shoe of each pair!

Aren’t they fabulous? Some of them are great, and the truth is…

I will undergo a little pain for the sake of good shoes!



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