The Thing About Procrastination & Comfort Zones

Since my divorce (and mostly because of it) I have become a real estate investor. I buy properties to lease out, sell properties, etc. I never anticipated this being my career, if you can even call it that. My degree is in Music Therapy, of all things. My work history has mostly never included Music Therapy, but I did teach elementary music for a few years before I had children, and I have also been a worship leader most of my life. Other than that and a few odd jobs in high school and college, I have mainly been a homemaker/stay at home mom. And I have loved that.

Now I have this newish career (?) that is more business-y than anything I have ever done. I have to do math and paperwork and other (sometimes icky) stuff that basically has nothing to do with my more creative nature. It is quite a bit (read: a lot) out of my comfort zone.

But just because something is out of your comfort zone doesn’t mean you cannot learn it, accomplish it…and do it well. I have learned so very much in the past nearly year I have been doing this. But there are still things I am not comfortable doing…and those are the things that tend to bring out my procrastination.

A couple months back, I received a message from a friend that someone she knew was interested in purchasing one of my properties. I didn’t have it on the market and hadn’t really done any analysis of what I’d want to sell it for. So I put it off. A few weeks later, my mom told me she got a call from that same friend’s husband, wanting to get the message to me that they knew someone who was interested in purchasing that property. Got the message, thanks…..put it off, ya know, back there on the back burner where I don’t have to worry with it or operate outside of my comfort zone by determining a price and/or negotiating a deal or whatever else this might involve.procrastinator

I did put it on my to-do list: “call potential buyer”. I mean, that makes it look like I fully intended to do it, just didn’t quite get to it today. “Maybe tomorrow.”

Finally, I made myself bite the bullet. I did the research, determined a price range I was willing to work within and gave myself a pep talk*(see example pep-talk below) before making the call.


What was I so scared of?? This is how that call went:

K: Hello, I was told you were interested in possibly purchasing so-and-so property?
PB (potential buyer): Yeah, there was a place down the road that sold for $ridiculouslybelowmarketvalueprice
K: Uhhh, is that the range you were thinking in terms of my property?
PB: Well, no, I was actually thinking of offering $evenmorewildlyridiculouslowerpricethantheplacedowntheroad, and then we wouldn’t even need to go back and forth
K: Oh wow. Um, yeah, that is nowhere even close to where I would need to be to let go of this property. I would need to be closer to $muchmorereasonableactualmarketbasednumber.
PB: But I just told you about that place down the road and what it sold for! Have you looked at the market?
K: Have I looked at the market?!? Yes. Yes, I have looked at the market. THIS IS WHAT I DO! Thank you, anyways, for your interest. Goodbye.

Seriously, I got myself all worked up over that?? I put off that conversation because I was intimidated by it’s potential distance from my comfort zone?? Because I didn’t have enough confidence in my own knowledge or abilities?

Lesson learned: When something seems hard or uncomfortable or out of your comfort zone, and it is causing you to keep putting it off for another day…STOP!

Bite the bullet, do your homework and some preparation, and then give yourself your needed pep-talk (*example pep-talk: “This is what I do! I can rock this! I will rock this! I am smart and capable and prepared! I am a badass girl boss!”), and then JUST DO IT ALREADY!



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