New Binge-Worthy Show

I mentioned that I had a less-than productive day recovering from my Science Fair hangover. Well, during that time, I totally binged on this great new show that you need to know about!


Younger is a show that captivated my interest probably because of how close to home it hits for me. And also, because it is just an excellent show.

Liza Miller is a 40-year old recent divorcee who finds herself going back to work after years of being at home raising her daughter. Her previous career and interests are in publishing, however, no publishing company seems to want to hire a 40-year old who has been out of the game so long.

Liza ends up lying about her age, saying she is 26, and of course, gets the job! That is only the start of the story…she now has to keep up the act as it gets increasingly harder with her new 26-year old BFFs and boyfriend.

Now, I have never had to lie about my age, but let’s face it — getting older and the accompanying inevitable comparisons with younger women is pretty tough. I tell people I really started to feel like I knew myself in my thirties, but as my thirties are coming to an end, and I will pretty much officially be middle-aged, that is kind of intimidating and insecurity-producing.

I identify with Liza in so many ways other than just her age. 55147022She’s trying to keep up-to-date with current trends. She needs to for her career, as she is representing a younger generation in an older industry. I have no need to keep up-to-date except that I just like to. I tell my kids…”I’m a cool mom!”

Other similarities are Liza’s love for books, her recent divorce, etc.

It is a great show – very well-written and well-acted. Even if you are not going through anything like Liza or myself, I think you will absolutely enjoy it!

Plus, Hillary Duff plays her 26-year old BFF…if that doesn’t make you feel old, I don’t know what will!



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