Hello lovelies!

And Happy Veteran’s Day…if you are a Veteran, have served in the past or are currently serving…THANK YOU so much for all you do. Also, if you are a spouse or loved one of a Veteran, thank you for your sacrifice!

Well, I attended a Veteran’s Day ceremony at my kids’ school yesterday — one of my daughters sang at it. It was a very moving service.

On a fairly petty note regarding it, I wasn’t quite sure how to dress for it. I decided my ripped jeans (which I love) might not be appropriate, so I opted for a little nicer, but still casual:



  • The top and pants are from Old Navy (the top is similar to this one, but I cannot find the exact one; and the pants are these)
  • The shoes are the same ones I already discussed here and here  😉
  • The jewelry is from Kohl’s


And I am mainly showing you this outfit because I love it, but am really hoping it is too cool to wear it soon! A girl can dream!


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