Christmas Crafty

I wanted to get a little crafty with some ornaments this year, but I am not that great if things are too terribly complicated. So I bought some clear glass ornaments at Hobby Lobby as well as some styrofoam balls, and thought I would find something to do with them.

A couple months ago, my parents brought over a few old things of mine they found in their house. Among the items was a musical staff notepad. I used to write music, so this wasn’t a terribly surprising thing for them to have found. I thought it would be perfect to use to make some ornaments. img_4523

I got busy writing some music (no idea what this sounds like, I was just putting notes on the page).

Then I cut the staff paper into individual lines and pulled against my scissors the way you would curl ribbon.

I got my box of clear glass ornaments and carefully fed each strip through.


I had planned to tie some jute around the top of the ornament, but that gave me another idea to try with the glass ornaments. I just fed a handful of jute into the ornament.

I hot-glued some jute around the top of the ornament and also as a loop to hang it from on the tree. I think both ideas turned out really well!




Look for a post on Friday showing you the tree these were hung on and the rest of the decor in that room!

(edited to add: if you would like to make the music ornaments, but don’t have staff paper and/or don’t know how to write music, I just found a blog here that has Christmas sheet music ready to print!)




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