Christmas Decorating

The past few years, the kids and I have had the tradition of decorating the house for Christmas the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. It works well because it fills time that they have off from school and would likely just be watching TV anyway. But it also makes it so that the house is all nice and decorated when they return to me after the rest of the weekend with their Dad.

I think I have mentioned on here that we just moved into our house last Spring, so this is the first Christmas at our new house.

I decided to buy a bigger (9 ft.) tree this year for our family tree, which allowed me to use the tree we already have in the entrance to our home (my office). This tree gets to be mine to decorate! I love all the sweet, sentimental, handmade ornaments on our family tree, but I was super excited to be able to decorate one myself this year. I will show you the main family tree, as well as the other decorations around my house, in another post next week.

11-24-16_8751-copyMy office has a very neutral tone, with an earthy colored large world map on one wall, dark wood furniture and other neutral accents, like burlap desk accessories. So I wanted this tree to have the same feel. I had a vision for burlap, ivory and gold/bronze. I think it turned out well.

The awesome part is that most of the decorations for this tree were really inexpensive. Some of them were actually purchased at the Dollar Tree! Others were on sale at Hobby Lobby, in addition to the burlap garland and string pearl garland. I made my own ornaments from clear glass ornaments (more about that here) and also from styrofoam balls (wrapped some in canvas and tied it up with Jute; wrapped others in burlap and tied with a white ribbon).

11-24-16_8749-copyI found this sign at Hobby Lobby and knew I needed it to go with this front room decor. I found the little (faux) trees at Ross for about $7 each. I bought some cheap wood letters from Hobby Lobby, spray-painted them brown and hot-glued them on. I love how this turned out!

11-24-16_8752-copyAnother new addition to this room (though not specific to Christmas) is this:
I have long-loved the beautiful signs made by House of Belonging and finally bit the bullet and bought one when I saw this version of 1 Corinthians 13. So simple, understated and beautiful!

(Excuse my dying plant also featured in this photo – ugh!)



I just love the way this tree (and the whole front room) turned out, and I love that I was able to have my own to decorate this year!



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