December to Remember – 4

Well, I failed to blog all of last week, but it was okay, because it was mostly a busy week with very little time for December to Remember activities.

We did try to make up for it this past weekend though!


Friday night was fun — our activity wasn’t necessarily holiday-themed, but we counted it as part of our December to Remember since it’s not something we go and do all that frequently. We went to see a local high school drama department production of Singin’ in the Rain Jr.


Then, of course, we had to get an after-the-show froyo treat at Sweet Frogs…



Saturday morning, started out with home-made-from scratch pancakes. I’ll give you the quick recipe: just remember “2/2/2 and a quarter” (2 eggs, 2 cups milk, 2 cups self-rising flour, 1/4 cup oil). Delicious!

A little later Saturday morning, I took the kids Christmas shopping. I was a little concerned, with it being the weekend before Christmas and knowing it would just be extremely “people-y” out there. I was hoping we would not have to go to many stores. We have always done the “Dollar Tree” thing, so we started there. Pretty much everyone they were picking gifts out for already had nicer presents that I had picked out and also signed their names to. So, Dollar Tree was perfect. And we got it all done quickly and painlessly! I love seeing what they pick out for each other and other family members – really interesting and often funny!

When we came home, the kids got busy wrapping all their gifts…

img_4743-2 (don’t ya love what they had playing on the TV while they were wrapping?…they’re hooked, and I happily take full responsibility!)

And I got busy making some lasagna…img_4744


(not the most appetizing photo, I realize, but it was sooo good, and the kids kept going back for more!)

Sunday morning we went to church and then to lunch with my parents. After getting home, I got busy in the kitchen again making cookies for us to snack on while watching a Christmas movie.

img_4008Any guesses on the movie, after seeing these cookies?

If you guess The Grinch, you are RIGHT! (I found the recipe HERE but  didn’t make the hearts in the recipe…I cheated and bought the little red hot sprinkle decorations from the grocery store baking aisle). Oh, and the drink is Hawaiian Punch!

And that was basically the end of our December to Remember activities for the weekend.

It all starts back again tonight and then is nonstop until the big day, so stay tuned!



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