December to Remember – 5

Before I talk about last night’s December to Remember activity, I want to rewind a little to two weekends ago. On the day we went to two parades, the kids also decorated Christmas cookies. Claire colored and mixed up the icing, and they all had fun creating the perfectly iced, sprinkled and decorated cookie.

(I realized Wes is a bit out of focus, but his cookie is not!)

Alright, back to now…

We continue our D2R activities last night by going to a musical production at our local Civic Center. I even had us all dress up for the occasion!

12-19-16_8797 12-19-16_8799

We enjoyed the performance, even though it made for a late night and we were all so tired!


Well, today we are heading out of town (not far away at all) to continue our December to Remember activities…hope you’ll check back in to see what we’ve been up to!



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