December to Remember – 6

When I picked the kids up from school yesterday, we went home and packed our bags for our little getaway. We drove about an hour to the beach condo we will be staying at for the next couple of days, checked in, dropped our bags in the room, and then headed back out for another drive to DeFuniak Springs, about 45 minutes away, to see some Christmas lights.

DeFuniak Springs is a small town in the area that has the old downtown area basically centered around a lake. Every year at Christmas, they put lots and lots of Christmas lights around the lake, charge a little entrance fee, and you can either drive or walk the couple of miles around the lake, looking at the Christmas lights.


(^ not the greatest picture as it was taken out of my car window, but it gives you an idea of what it is like there)

We walked out on the boardwalk and grabbed a couple of photos, but it was freezing!

We made this same trip to see these lights 2 years ago and also stopped by a popular local diner-type restaurant, Ed’s, for milkshakes. We decided, then, that if this light-seeing trip was going to be a tradition for us, so was going to Ed’s.

But this time, we also needed dinner. We all got burgers, which were so good! And then left with our milkshakes! YUM!!!

We drove back to the condo and were so exhausted we went straight to bed!

But we are excited to wake up to this view for the next couple of days…




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