December to Remember – finale

Christmas Eve was *our* Christmas Day, as my kids were going to their Dad’s late Christmas Eve night and would be with him through the New Year. We were all excited to celebrate together a day early!

This year, I decided to put symbols on each gift tag, rather than names. There were three symbols — a star, a Christmas tree, and a snowman — and each corresponded to one of my three kids. They didn’t know which symbol they were, so they had no idea which wrapped gifts under the tree would belong to them. It was a fun little game. They each got a card in their stocking telling them which symbol they were:

And then the opening commenced!

Claire probably had the very best reaction to her big present…an iPhone!

Wes was excited about his too (just not as dramatic a reaction as Claire’s)!

And Sadie got her very own, non-toy, *real* camera!

She also got a scooter which she later tried out on our street:


After we had our own little Christmas celebration, my parents and sister’s family came over for breakfast and gift-giving:

Last year, my mom began a fun new tradition we all lovingly refer to as “THE CHRISTMAS DAY CHALLENGE.” Any grandkid of hers who is brave enough to jump in the pool (her pool last year, mine this year) at Christmas, earns $10! Wes wisely decided not to, since he was sick, but the other four did and it was freezing and hilarious! Check out my Instagram for the video!

After everyone else went home, Wes, who had thrown up the night before and was likely fevered, went back to bed. He stayed in bed the entire day. We couldn’t tell if he’d gotten the same stomach bug that Sadie had or if he was reacting to the antibiotics (he googled it, and learned that every symptom he had was a potential reaction to this antibiotic). He felt horrible all day, so while the rest of us went down the street to my uncle’s house for another family gathering, he stayed in bed. He was sick all over again when I came back home, but seemed to feel a little better by the time his dad came to pick them all up later that night.

It was a really nice Christmas with my kids and family. My favorite gift was given to me by my parents:12-24-16_8604

We had one of these growing up. It was put out in our foyer every Christmas that I can remember as a child. It has a very distinct, almost clean kind of smell to it. When I remember and think back on my childhood Christmases, this is a major part of those memories. My mom went on Ebay and found replicas of the original one, and gave them to my sister and me for Christmas. I absolutely love it!

Christmas morning greeted me with a horrible migraine. After getting up and realizing how bad my head felt, I took some meds and went back to bed. I woke up in the early afternoon with my head still hurting and took more meds that didn’t work. Early evening, before going to my parents’ for Christmas dinner, I took more meds and also some sinus medication. My head finally mostly felt better, but of course, the rest of me felt ‘off’ because of all the medicine I had taken. But Christmas Day ended well and I was happy to spend it with those I love the most (minus my three kiddos).



4 thoughts on “December to Remember – finale

  1. Sandra Sowels says:

    How horrible am I that I am just now catching up over here on your blog…ugh. I love the love that is evident in all these Christmas pics. Miss you friend….love you more.


    • Kresta says:

      Aww! How horrible am I that I haven’t updated the blog since this post!?!? (That would be 4 months now!) Miss and love you too, sweet friend!!


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