Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze

It seems these types of photos are past the trend, at this point, on social media, but I never shared mine, so here it is!

My sweet family (myself, my kiddos and my parents) took a short road trip to a nearby pumpkin patch and corn maze a couple of weekends ago. The kids and myself have done it the past two years, and last year, we started asking my parents to come along. It’s been a fun (newer) tradition for us, and this time was a good one as well. It was a beautiful day and we had a really nice time together!

My Dad doesn’t get around as well as he used to because of back and knee problems, so he opted to used a powered chair to get through the corn maze. It was a fabulous idea…except that it died in the middle of the maze when we still had no idea how to get out! Thankfully, some really sweet people helped pick the whole thing up and carried it straight through all the corn stalks and out to the road. We honestly might still be in there if they hadn’t helped, so they were so very helpful and we were so very grateful!

Here are a few (okay, a lot of) pictures from our day…


Fall Decor


The changing of seasons, Fall and Spring, tend to be my favorite times of the year. I love the anticipation of something a little different than we’ve had for months.

It feels like an awakening.

While I think I would rank Spring a little higher (beach days ahead!), I do also really love Fall, as it holds my very favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.

I think probably the majority of my readers live in the southern US, and like me, are thinking Fall when it still feels exactly like Summer. The only thing that feels Fall-ish is that the days are getting shorter, which only confuses me…I’m thinking it’s time to tell the kids to start getting ready for bed and it is only 7:30 rather than the hour later it feels like.

Despite the lack of Fall in the air, we can still pretend and decorate and prepare for it. I love decorating for Fall. For the last few years, I have been in charge of decorating for Thanksgiving, which I have loved and taken very seriously. But that decorating has bled over into decorating my own home for the season (and then “borrowing” those decorations for the Thanksgiving tables).

So, I’m going to share a little of my Fall home decor with you today:9-24-16_8472-copy

One of my favorite things to do is to buy the packs of leaves, pinecones, bigger potpourri, small gourds, etc and throw them into a decorative vase or basket of some sort. It is a super simple, but effective decor.

9-24-16_8457-copyHere is that same piece on my dining room table (please excuse my wrinkled burlap runner that really should have been steamed before this photo).



Another alternative to this is a big tray — metal, wood, whatever you can find that has great texture and character and fits with the decor of your home — filled with similar things in addition to candles and larger pieces. The photo to the right shows a wooden tray filled with the same kinds of items as the metal basket on my table. However, I have added some pumpkins of different kinds (one woven, one solid light-colored wood, and one a glass candleholder) and varying sizes. The tray is sitting on my coffee table, but I just realized you can barely distinguish my coffee table from my floors. 🙂

I love having a white mantle to decorate, because I feel like it allows the decor to really pop. 9-24-16_8464-copyI usually have these bigger items (the wooden and iron scroll candle holder, the woven mirror, and the dark filled vase) on my mantle year-round, but I accentuated them for Fall with candles, leafy garland, and varied sizes of pumpkins. I am really happy with how it turned out.

You might also be able to see the vase beside my fireplace (sitting on my subwoofer). It is light blue glass and is usually filled with faux cherry blossom stems. To adapt it for Fall, I replaced the cherry blossoms with dried neutral colored (almost wheat-like) stems and then tied a bit of burlap ribbon around the neck of the vase. Simple and pretty.

9-24-16_8456-copyLastly, we’ll take a look at my front entrance. I had pinned a bunch of links about front porch Fall decor and tried to let them inspire my own. I knew I wanted faux pumpkins — so I wouldn’t have to deal with rot and so I could keep them year after year. I remembered buying some a few years back (they stayed at that home when I left), but did not remember them being quite this expensive. They were a little more than what I anticipated spending, but I used some Michael’s coupons, and am looking at it as reusable decor (hey, it’s an investment!).

Earlier in the summer, I bought a rolling cart from Sam’s Club for entertaining purposes. It has a dark metal frame, a large vintage-looking silver metal bucket on top and a tray on the bottom. It was great for holding ice and drinks this summer; but I decided to utilize it for my Fall decor as well. I put some hay in it and added the faux pumpkins and a “welcome” sign. I stacked some hay and added pumpkins on the other side of the door, and some wreaths on my double doors, and voila! A Fall front entrance!

I certainly don’t claim to be a decorating expert, but I enjoy making my home feel like my own and comfortable for friends and family who visit. I think Fall is the perfect time to make a home feel nice and cozy. I can at least dream of cooler weather!