So I was all excited to show you these great pictures from Halloween…



Napoleon Dynamite




Queen of Hearts (“Off with their heads!”)




I was totally going to post all this on Wednesday and then this happened…


In case you don’t know what you’re looking at, it is a whole other level of hell they call the Science Fair project. We were consumed with this project (Stirling Engine, if you’re interested) for at least 24 hours straight, I’d say.

Maybe you can tell just by reading this blog, but I am much more a creative, a thinker, a reader and writer and musician, than a scientist. I hated the Science Fair when I had to do it as a kid and I will just tell you that it is quite possibly 3476 times worse as a parent because your child might pick a project that requires building a freaking engine and you are very limited by your non-sciencey brain in helping and you can’t fix it when it’s not going as planned. Anyway, we finished up and got it done and I have vowed to make him start on next year’s project like next week.

So, Science Fair Hell happened, and I won’t mention how late we were up finishing it, but we very nearly saw the sun. I took the kids (and the damn Science Fair project) to school and then came home and this happened…


Yes, you might recognize this as a Science Fair hangover. It’s a thing. Really.

And then I woke up about 4 hours later and was basically incapable of accomplishing anything else the entire day, including working out, which I had sooo planned to do. And then to make that worse, this happened…



So, forgive the later update than I had planned. I am just now returning to the land of the living.

Come back tomorrow and I will let you in on the best new show I found to binge on (yes, you are correct in assuming that is what I was doing while consuming what you see in the picture above). Have a great day!



Happy Halloween!


Hope you all have a super fun Halloween! I can’t wait to show you pics of my kiddos all dressed up! Would love to see yours as well!

TOTALLY wishing I had a golf cart to help get my kids around the neighborhood tonight. (Anyone in the CC area want to loan us one?? LOL!)

Also, don’t forget to go download this free printable to sit by your candy bowl if you plan to leave candy out while you canvas the neighborhood!