December to Remember – 2

Our second day of December to Remember began with Wes sick in bed with a head cold. We were sad to leave him home, but the girls and I went to a Christmas parade. It was a small parade (our little town’s first one), but it was very sweet, and we enjoyed ourselves!

Don’t you love that Santa rode in on a motorcycle?? Lol!

img_4650That night ended with Wes and Claire joining me for another Christmas parade (he was feeling better and Sadie was at a birthday party). It was nice and cold downtown, just as it should be for a Christmas parade!

What fun activities have you been up to?





December to Remember – 1

My kids weren’t with me all that much (read: enough) last year during the month of December due to vacations with their Dad and scheduling, etc., so we weren’t able to do some of the activities/new traditions I wanted to. They are with me quite a bit more this year, and I could not be more excited!

Once I realized they would be with me so much, I started planning…I want to make this month, this Christmas season, fun and memorable. So I have affectionately and kid-eye-roll-producing-ly started calling this our “December to Remember!”

When they came back to me last Friday, December 2nd, our December to Remember commenced! We took an after-school trip to Chick Fil A for peppermint mocha milkshakes, although only 2 out of 4 of us had them (the other 2 had other flavors).

I want to place a disclaimer here for the next part: I am not a fan of people doing good deeds and then bragging about them online. Just seems to make the whole act less genuine, like they were only doing it to be able to brag about it online. That is not my intent with this. I am simply describing our December to Remember and feel this is a really important part of it. Alright, back to it…


After leaving Chick Fil A we went to Walmart and picked out 3 children (1 for each of mine) from the Salvation Army’s Christmas Angel Tree. We then spent a good amount of time hunting for the gifts around Walmart. Wes chose an 8-yr old boy, Claire chose a 7-yr old girl, and Sadie chose a baby girl (we think less than a year old). It was really fun seeing them choose the gifts for their angel child. I tried to explain to them the significance of helping others in need rather than only thinking about ourselves.

In a season in which it is way too easy (and understandably so, with all of the commercialization of it all) for kids to default to “I want…”, I thought it was really important to start this season out with them (and our “December to Remember”) by thinking of and giving to others.

I’ll continue posting our December to Remember activities throughout the month, so check back often if you’re interested in the activities we’re doing!

What kinds of activities or Christmas traditions are you doing with your family this year?