December to Remember – 7

I mentioned, yesterday, that we got to the beach condo at night, were barely here before we left again, and got back late at night and went straight to bed.

Well, we woke up to a less-than-desirable view. It wasn’t horrible, but all we could see were palm trees. As in, the biggest part of the palm trees were completely blocking our view. So we called the front desk and they were very helpful in finding us another, higher room. The picture I showed at the end of yesterday’s post is the view we now have – and we are loving it!

We took a couple photos on the balcony yesterday morning…

After moving rooms and getting ready and taking the photos, we went to lunch at Cracker Barrel. This is a treat, as we don’t have a Cracker Barrel at home. It was delicious!


The next stop was Bass Pro Shops!


Sadie made fast friends with the fish!

(she was cracking me up — crazy kid!)

She and Claire enjoyed watching the fish while Wes looked (and dreamed) around the store!

12-21-16_3507 12-21-16_6721

After Bass Pro Shops, we were ready to go back to the condo and be lazy a little! I blogged a little, read a little, then woke up just in time to witness (and photograph) this:


We got ready again and went across the street to the Village for dinner at Roberto’s:


When dinner was finished, we went and listening to a little live Christmas music. Kids didn’t love it because it was jazz, and I guess just not their style. But I thought it was nice. And Sadie got to sit on Santa’s lap and chat with him for a bit:


Wes had been coughing and sneezing pretty badly all day, and Claire said Sadie had coughed a lot the night before, so we had to make a trip to CVS after leaving the Village. We hung out watching Christmas movies — Home Alone 3 and Elf — when we got back to the condo.

Unfortunately Sadie kept saying her stomach was hurting really bad. I assumed it was from drinking lots of coke and eating candy and pizza. But I’m not so sure. We all went to bed…Sadie was on the couch, right outside my bedroom. About 45 minutes after we went to bed I heard her throwing up. And that continued pretty much every hour for the whole night. 😦

She seems to be okay right now, so I am hoping everyone is well enough to enjoy some more activities today. We have a lot planned, and I want the kids to feel good enough to have fun with it all.



December to Remember – 5

Before I talk about last night’s December to Remember activity, I want to rewind a little to two weekends ago. On the day we went to two parades, the kids also decorated Christmas cookies. Claire colored and mixed up the icing, and they all had fun creating the perfectly iced, sprinkled and decorated cookie.

(I realized Wes is a bit out of focus, but his cookie is not!)

Alright, back to now…

We continue our D2R activities last night by going to a musical production at our local Civic Center. I even had us all dress up for the occasion!

12-19-16_8797 12-19-16_8799

We enjoyed the performance, even though it made for a late night and we were all so tired!


Well, today we are heading out of town (not far away at all) to continue our December to Remember activities…hope you’ll check back in to see what we’ve been up to!


December to Remember – 3

We continued our December to Remember on Sunday with Sadie’s Christmas Piano Recital. It had a little surprise included…

Sadie was playing a version of Oh Christmas Tree that had an accompanying part. We practiced a lot the couple of days leading up to the recital, and I played the accompanying part during our practice. Sadie never happened to mention that her teacher had never played that part with her and had not intended to play it with her at the recital (in other words, Sadie was going to play a solo).


(Sadie giving her little speech introducing her song)

Sadie was really struggling with the 4th line of her song, barely able to get through it. When we got to the recital, I mentioned that to her teacher and asked her to just keep going and/or point to where they were on the sheet music. She said, “Oh should I sit next to her while she plays?” I said, “You’re playing the accompaniment right?” She said, “No, we never practiced it that way.” I said, “Oh my gosh are you serious?!?” (lol) So she said I would just need to play it with her.


Playing our duet

It worked out fine since she and I had practiced it that way already, and it definitely helped smooth over her iffy 4th line, but I certainly did not expect to!

Well, I will continue to keep you all updated on all of our December to Remember activities!

Any fun but unexpected adventures for you and your family?