So, I thought I would take this Friday to list five of my favorite things. Of course there are more than five, but hey, there are always more Fridays!

1. ig-logo

I’m not on Facebook anymore (I just realized a number of months back that it’s better for me this way). I still get my social media fix on Instagram though. I love seeing little snippets of my friends’ lives!

2. screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-7-55-32-pm

I feel like it is so cliche for me to have Adele as one of my faves, but I really just can’t help it. She is just amazing. And I adore her latest album, 25. Did you see her doing Carpool Karaoke? OF COURSE you did! (But, if you want to watch it again, I have conveniently linked it here for you…you’re welcome!) Doesn’t it make you just want to be her BFF?? I am positive we would have the best time together.

3. explorer

I have loved the look of the new Explorers for a long while now, so I decided to buy one last week! This isn’t a picture of mine, but I have the same one (same color and all). I have driven a huge vehicle, a Suburban, for a long time now (I used to refer to it as my “big ol’ bus”); but I have no need for such a big vehicle anymore. This one looks great, feels great, drives great, and has an awesome safety rating. Buying it was interesting for me…I haven’t even really told anyone that I bought a new car…look for a post about “adulting” coming soon.

4. kindle

I used to read ebooks using the Kindle app on my iPad, however I bought a Kindle Paperwhite at the beginning of this past Summer. I had just moved into my home which has a pool, and I wanted to be able to read while floating around my pool and at the beach, etc. You cannot do this with an iPad because of the glare. I haven’t regretted the purchase whatsoever. I love having a separate reading tablet that I can easily read anywhere!

5. targetlogo-6

I have such a love-hate relationship with Target and it is mostly because of my love for it! Does that make any sense?? LOL…..I hate that I always end up spending more money in there than I intended to because I never fail to find something else, be it a great top or jewelry or home decor or whatever else, that I love and absolutely NEED!

Okay, those are five of my favorite things. What are some of your current favorite things?