Who doesn’t love the look of a top over distressed jeans and some booties?

(Also, I just don’t know about this word “bootie”. It’s what they’re called, but I said it out loud to someone the other day and felt utterly ridiculous!)

I’ve had the top for quite a while now so I don’t remember where I originally purchased it.

The jeans are Old Navy Rockstar Mid-rise (which means, they cover what you need them to when you sit down, hehe).

10-7-16_8535I just got the booties (ugh) last week from Ross for only $20!! I had been looking for a light-colored pair, and wasn’t sure about the open-toe, but for $20, I can afford a pair of closed-toe ones later in the season. I love finding a great deal and I really love these shoes!

Throw on some layered necklaces and some stretchy bracelets and you’re ready to go!