December to Remember – 3

We continued our December to Remember on Sunday with Sadie’s Christmas Piano Recital. It had a little surprise included…

Sadie was playing a version of Oh Christmas Tree that had an accompanying part. We practiced a lot the couple of days leading up to the recital, and I played the accompanying part during our practice. Sadie never happened to mention that her teacher had never played that part with her and had not intended to play it with her at the recital (in other words, Sadie was going to play a solo).


(Sadie giving her little speech introducing her song)

Sadie was really struggling with the 4th line of her song, barely able to get through it. When we got to the recital, I mentioned that to her teacher and asked her to just keep going and/or point to where they were on the sheet music. She said, “Oh should I sit next to her while she plays?” I said, “You’re playing the accompaniment right?” She said, “No, we never practiced it that way.” I said, “Oh my gosh are you serious?!?” (lol) So she said I would just need to play it with her.


Playing our duet

It worked out fine since she and I had practiced it that way already, and it definitely helped smooth over her iffy 4th line, but I certainly did not expect to!

Well, I will continue to keep you all updated on all of our December to Remember activities!

Any fun but unexpected adventures for you and your family?